Half Price Tickets

Tixx.com can get you or your company great deals many times we get tickets for 1/2 price or less. These are tickets to top events like sports ( The New York Yankees), concerts including Bruce Springsteen, and Broadway shows like The Lion King 

We are different than other servicess

We locate and list the best shows

We know you want to see

We let the other websites sell the clunkers that no one want to see even for 1/2 price.

We will get you into the shows and sporting event you want to see, and you will spread the news about Tixx.com its a win win 

Tixx.com members save money and its free to join!

Tixx.com with over 30 years experience we have many sources of tickets available to Tixx.com members many at half-price or less to theater, concerts, comedy, and sporting events. You tell us the event. We will get you in
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