Madonna Yankee Stadium Ticket Information

Madonna Yankee Stadium Ticket Information

This page is designed to help you find the best Madonna tickets for the concert at Yankee Stadium on September 6, and 7th  2012.

Yankee Stadium Concert Seating Chart

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Expect Madonna’s stage to be set up in centerfield, just in front of Monument Park. Field tickets will be split up into sections A and B, with Section A being closer to the stage. Section A is seven areas stretching from the first base side to the third base side. Section B consists of nine areas and follows the same pattern. 100 Level seats will be high demand, and sections 106-113 and 127-132 offer an ideal place to see the stage and hear the music. Tickets in Upper deck sections 407-412 and 428-432 will have you staring straight down at stage. Tickets can be found opposite of the stage, behind where home plate usually sits, in sections 418-422.  *Details are subject to change. This is general seating for Yankee Stadium concerts and can vary based on the performer.

Yankees Stadium Madonna Concert Suites

The brand new Yankee Stadium is equipped with some of the top luxury boxes in America. Madonna Party Suite tickets hold between 28-60 fans and can be combined to house nearly 400 concert fans. These suites include plush theater-style seating and an all-inclusive food and drink menu, complete with a private restroom, entrance, and elevator. Club Suites are hosted in an elegant living room area and include in-box catering and updated technology at your finger tips for the Madonna concert.This is plush this is a way to really impress your clients

Yankee Stadium Madonna concert Gate Times

The doors open at Yankee Stadium approximately 5pm

Yankee Stadium Handicap Seating

Yankee Stadium is equipped with accessible seating at every level. Disabled fans will also find accessible washrooms, ramps, elevators, and concession stands with Madonna handicap tickets for Yankee Stadium.

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